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Well, you might be here because you’re like every Samsung phone lover! Whether you’re using a budget-friendly A series or J series, or a flagship S series and Note series user, you would never imagine a broken phone in your hands. Therefore, you don’t need to stress out because we’re here as the best Samsung Phone repair services provider in New Haven CT.

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You don’t need to look further for your Samsung phone repair in New haven CT. We provide the best of class services for all your phone repair needs. Whether you need a physical repair or a software bug removal, our experts are here to put your phone back up and running again.

Samsung Phone Repair Store in New Haven, CT

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iPhone Camera repair

Samsung phone Camera Lens Repair

A Samsung Phone user would love the fantastic features of its camera. However, if your phone's camera is out of order, we can put it right. Our expert repair techs are capable of fixing anything, and they will also deliver a Samsung phone camera lens repair with 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

iPhone battery replacement

Samsung Phone Battery Replacement

The phones might lose their power when they grow older. This could leave you in the middle of the day if not replaced on time. Therefore, we offer the best quality repair and replacement parts for quick and reliable Samsung phone battery replacement at an inexpensive cost.

iPhone Broken Screen repair in New haven

Samsung Phone Screen Repair

If your phone's screen is cracked or completely shattered, then don't fret! We got you all covered at ELM City Wireless; we deliver the quickest services for Samsung phone screen repair. We will make your device look brand new at an affordable cost.

iPhone Charging port repair In new Haven

Samsung phone Charging Port Repair

Don't think about switching to a new phone, as the current one isn't picking up the juice. A faulty charging port might be the reason. At ELM City Wireless, we offer quick Samsung phone charging port repair at the most competitive cost.

iPhone Data recovery near me

Samsung Button Repair

If your phone's buttons are stuck or broken, don't worry! Our experts are here to level up your device again. Stop by our repair store for a quick and effective Samsung phone button repair so you can get back to your phone's normal use.

iPhone water damage repair in new Haven

Samsung Phone Water Damage Repair

Is your phone got wet? Don't worry! We can help you fix it. At ELM City Wireless, we specialize in repairing phones that have been damaged by water, no matter where the incident occurred. Our Samsung Phone water damage repair services are fast, reliable & affordable.

Why Choose Us for Samsung Phone Repair in New Haven CT

At ELM City Wireless, we know a lot about smart device technology and how to help you use it to your advantage. We have years of experience in Samsung phone repair services in New Haven CT, and we can help you with whatever you need, from fixing problems on your phone to getting the best possible service.

Additionally, our experienced technicians are here to help you with necessary repairs. We offer a warranty on all of our repairs, and we work hard to ensure you’re happy with our services.

Our goal is to help you fix your Samsung phone as quickly and inexpensively as possible. We know how important your phone is to you, so we take care of everything here at ELM City Wireless. We provide friendly phone unlocking service and reliable  Smart devices repair, so you can trust us to get the job done right.


If you’re looking for a fast Samsung phone repair in New Haven, look no further than ELM City Wireless! We offer a wide range of Samsung phone repair services in New haven like cracked screen repair, water damage repair, battery replacement, charging port repair and more.

Don’t worry if your phone’s screen needs to be fixed. We offer quick and highly effective Samsung phone broken screen repair. Our repair expert will make sure you can use the phone as good as brand new once again.

If your phone gets water damaged, don’t be scared. Our experts can help you fix it right away. It might take a little bit, but we’ll get it done as fast as possible. Plus, our Samsung phone water damage repair is the most competitive in the town.