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Don’t let a damaged LG phone keep you disconnected. ELM City Wireless, LG phone repair in New Haven CT is the expert for all your needs. Our experienced technicians can get your device up and running again quickly, no matter if it’s suffering from cracked glass or water damage!

Professional LG phone repair near me

Our team of specialized techs are ready to get your phone back up and running! We offer a reliable LG phone repair service in New Haven with premium parts, so you can rest easy knowing that the job is done right. Not only that. Our unbeatable prices in New Haven make repairing fast and affordable without any hidden fees or costs. Don’t wait; Get your device working again today at an unbeatable price!

LG Phone Repair Store in New Haven, CT

LG Phone Repair Services in New Haven CT

iPhone Camera repair

LG Phone Camera Repair

Your memories should be treasured in vivid detail! Make sure your photos are crisp and clear by having our experts repair any issues with the camera on your LG phone. Don't let life's precious moments fade into a blur - come to us today for an efficient way to get back all of those beautiful snapshots.

iPhone battery replacement

LG Phone Battery Replacement

When your phone starts running out of juice faster than you'd like, then visit us for the fast and easy LG phone battery replacement services at ELM City Wireless, those dead-battery blues are a thing of the past. Enjoy premium parts for an affordable price to keep you connected all day!

iPhone Broken Screen repair in New haven

LG Phone Screen Repair near me

Is your LG phone's screen taking a beating? Stop by ELM City Wireless for an experienced and cost-effective LG phone screen repair near me. Our service is fast, reliable, and highly recommended. Get the help you need today!

iPhone Charging port repair In new Haven

LG Phone Charging Port Repair

Don't fret if your phone has become uncooperative - ELM City Wireless is here to help! Our experienced technicians and specialized tools can quickly restore the charging port on any LG model, so you never have a dead battery again. Get back into action with smooth service from us today!

iPhone Data recovery near me

LG Phone Data Recovery

Don't fret if you've lost data on your LG phone! ELM City Wireless have the expertise and determination to retrieve it for you. Our technicians will go above and beyond to find a solution - no matter how difficult or complex the problem may be.

iPhone water damage repair in new Haven

LG Phone Water Damage Repair

Accidents can be unexpected and quite damaging! But don't worry, our team of knowledgeable technicians are here to help bring your LG phone back from a dousing. Whether you misjudged the depth or dropped it in your morning cup o' joe, no watery disaster is too big for us to handle - We'll have that trusty device resurrected with texting-confidence again before you know it!

Why Choose Our LG Phone Repair In New Haven CT?

Get your LG phone back in perfect condition with ELM City Wireless. Our team of experienced professionals will provide you with the best repair services of LG Phone repair in New Haven CT has to offer! Stop by today for a fast and efficient fix.

ELM City Wireless is your reliable source for quality, cost-effective repairs on all LG phones. Our talented technicians aim to restore your device in a speedy fashion with complete satisfaction guaranteed. So why wait? Visit our store in New Haven CT today and let us give you the best possible experience – no matter what issue your phone has!


At ELM City Wireless, it’s our mission to ensure your LG phone works like new. We specialize in repairing all types of LG phones from Samsung and other popular brands so you can get the reliable service you deserve! Our experienced team is dedicated to providing lightning-quick repairs in New Haven CT for maximum convenience.
Need to get that LG cracked screen fixed fast? ELM City Wireless has got you covered! We provide top-notch service for your phone’s busted display in no time, at a price that won’t break the bank.
Are you dealing with a water damaged LG phone? Don’t worry – our experts can help get your issue resolved quickly. We provide fast, reliable repair for wet phones so it won’t be long before yours is restored to its original condition.