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If your cell phone needs help, ELM City Wireless in New Haven is the reliable go-to for all cell phone repair solutions. We’re well equipped to handle any repairs from a broken screen or water damage, get back connected fast!

Our team of highly-trained techs is ready to put the power back in your pocket. We offer fast, reliable solutions to repair cell phones with premium quality parts and 100% satisfaction guaranteed. So, you can leave our store feeling happy knowing a job well done!

In addition, get your beloved Cellphone back in working order quickly and affordably with no hidden costs! Moreover, our unbeatable Cellphone repair in New Haven offers the most competitive prices around; Don’t delay, get your fix today.

CellPhone repair in New haven CT

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iPhone Camera repair

Cellphone Camera Repair

Don't let your precious memories become a blur! Our technicians are experts in Cellphone camera repair, so you can capture life's moments without streaks or smudges. Preserve those special times with crystal-clear photos and visit our shop today for an efficient fix to any camera issues.

iPhone battery replacement

Cellphone Battery Replacement

Is your phone suddenly not lasting as long? A low battery could be the culprit! Don't let a dying battery leave you out of touch. At ELM City Wireless, we're proud to offer premium quality parts and quick Cellphone battery replacement service at an affordable cost.

iPhone Broken Screen repair in New haven

Cellphone Screen Replacement in New haven

Are you struggling with a dented Cell Phone screen? This is something we fix every day at our store. Visit ELM City Wireless today and get a quick and reliable Cellphone screen replacement in New Haven today at the most affordable cost.

iPhone Charging port repair In new Haven

Cellphone Charging Port Repair

You don’t need to despair if your phone isn't playing nice! ELM City Wireless has the expertise and equipment to get you back up and running in no time. Our speedy repair services of your Cellphone charging port repair before you know it - so don’t forget to stop by for full coverage of long-lasting Cell Phone fixes when the need arises.

iPhone Data recovery near me

Cellphone Data Recovery

At ELM City Wireless, we not only resolve hardware-related Cellphone repair problems but also provide software defect resolution. So, if you’ve lost your data, don’t worry! We can retrieve it back for you. Our experts will leave no stone unturned in resolving the Cellphone data recovery problem.

iPhone water damage repair in new Haven

Cellphone Water Damage Repair

Accidents happen, and when they involve your phone getting wet, we've got you covered. Our experts specialize in evaluating and restoring damaged Cell Phones that have been soaked by watery disasters. Whether from the bathtub or a dip in the pool! Get back to texting confidently with our dedicated Cellphone water damage repair service.

Why Choose Our Cellphone Repair Service in New Haven?

ELM City Wireless is the place to go for Cellphone repair in New Haven CT! Our expert team has years of experience and will provide you with top-notch repair services and solutions. Come on by today, we’re happy to help!

Our talented technicians are committed to delivering rapid, effective Smartphones Repair with 100% satisfaction guarantee. We want our customers to be fully reassured by the quality of products and services we offer, always!

ELM City Wireless is your go-to for a budget friendly, quick fix on all of your cell phone repairs. Whether you need a quick Cell phone cracked screen repair or want to unlock your Cellphone, we got you all covered. So, stop by our repair store and get the best out of your device.


At ELM City Wireless, we can fix cell phones that are made by Samsung, LG, and other brands. Plus, we also provide the best and the quickest Cellphone repair in New Haven CT.

If you’re looking for a place to fix Cellphone screen, look no further than ELM City Wireless. We offer the best Cellphone screen repair services that are fast, reliable and affordable.

If your phone gets wet, don’t be scared. Our experts can help you fix it right away by delivering quick Cellphone water damage repair. It won’t take long at all.

ELM City Wireless has the best Cellphone repair services in New Haven CT. We won’t break your bank. We offer competitive prices so you can get a quality fix without going over budget!

Is your smartphone’s camera in need of a fix? Look no further than our Cellphone repair store in New Haven CT. Our experts can handle the toughest lens repairs and get your device back to picture perfect condition!